Quick Trip…in Suburbia

Took a quick trip to the grocery store with the carrier today.  I would have gone to Trader Joe’s, but the main thing we needed was bread…and I don’t like TJ’s bread.  Too real.  Anyway, I wore my LevaGatiters and brought my Exped Trekking Poles because you have to hike up a steep, muddy hill to get from our neighborhood to the store. (Did I mention Mikey loves my trekking poles?)

mikey pole

Anyway, I did collapse the poles down once we got to the store and put them in the cart.  But of course I left him in the pack carrier. Pretty sure Mikey was…embarrassed.

carrier grocery

He cheered up, though, once the nice man at the deli gave him some cheese:

carrier grocery 2

And after I checked out I took the pack off and put the food in the small storage compartment.  As I “deployed the kickstand” an employee started talking to me about how much he loves backpacking and how cool the pack carrier is.  It was a fun chat…if I didn’t have raw meat in my pack and if he hadn’t been on the clock, I would have liked to talk more.  Seemed like he knew his stuff.

And no trip in suburbia with a baby is complete without a retired gentleman chiming in.  He was telling me that back in his day they would just put the kid in the regular pack, and he has a picture of his son at 6 months (now 43 years old) in his regular ol’ backpack.  I can never decide what to say in these situations…  Oh well, I’m going to be that awkward nostalgic man someday…

In other news, we have a family outdoorsy trip in the works…will update as soon as we settle some more details!


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