Mingo Creek Park — Visit 2

This morning we visited Mingo Creek Park for the second time (the first was a few days before Michael was born last August).  It’s a great little park in Washington County PA that has flat running trails and more rugged hiking and biking trails.  Cait went for an hour-long run while I took Mikey for a hike, again in the carrier, but this time with my gaiters, pants, and trekking poles.


Mikey, as usual, is calm but unimpressed:


He’s wearing that hat again…it has a little chin strap, but my boy hates hats…so I was told to make sure not to lose the hat (foreshadowing?).

I wasted about 10 minutes or so hiking the wrong direction (I really need to learn how to tell where a road intersects a trail and where it just misses it, but most of the time it’s the map’s fault, I promise…more on this in another post).  Because of the detour I was able to get some pictures of the creek and the covered bridge along the park’s main drag:



After getting back on track and hiking up a very muddy hill, the real trail opened up to a grassy field.  At one point we even got a glimpse of the park’s model plane field.  I should mention that I was happy that the park bothered to blaze trails with color codes at all, but the blazes there are really only at trailheads.  And with lots of side trails without constant blazes, staying on the correct trail can be difficult.  Fortunately, I’m good at that part of land nav.



Besides these two fields, most of the hike was in the woods and quite muddy, so I didn’t think to take any photos of that. We did come across an interesting rock formation and waterfall, but the hill was too muddy and steep that I couldn’t get close to get a good picture.  Here’s the full size, if it helps:


So after 2.9 miles and just short of an hour I walked up to Caitlyn waiting at the car, and she immediately asked, “Where’s his hat?”  AHHH!  OF COURSE!  Throughout the hike I would notice him trying to pull it off, and then give up.  So I figured it was still around his neck.  NOPE!  For the last five or so minutes of the hike I didn’t check to see if he still had it, and of course that’s when he finally threw it off.  Without much trouble we found it, but it was a little stressful.  I mean…it’s a cute hat, if you don’t remember:

cute hat

I began to feel bad that Mikey had been all strapped in for his entire visit to the park, so we let him dangle his feet in the creek, which was pretty fast-moving after recent storms.  I think he enjoyed it, despite his expression, whatever it is.




All in all, a fun Saturday morning trip to a park.

Goal for next time: get out of bed earlier so that we can spend more time out!


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