Just Get Out There! (South Park, Again)

It’s been hot along the mid-Atlantic over the last week or so.  Hot and oppressively humid.  After dropping Cait off at work on Friday, I had two options: mow the lawn before it got too hot, or go hiking before it got too hot.  Of course, I went hiking.  Among other things, I had to try out the new sunshade!

mike poco sunshade

We did a quick one hour, 3 mile hike on some new trail in South Park.  I think there’s probably over 25 miles of trails in the park all told, so there’s still lots more to discover.  It’s great we live so close.  After putting on some all natural bug balm we hit the trails.  Some highlights from the trip: 3 wild turkeys, inadvertently sneaking up on someone whose golf ball was wayyy in the rough (the park backs up to a golf course), finding a neat little creek that has a remote feel, and of course an overturned portable toilet:

south park

I’m glad I let the grass grow a little long.  As a philosopher-in-training, I often have to remember the words of William Forrester: “the first key to writing is to write, not to think” (I’ll include this clip because I love the scene and, as it happens, there’s some great advice about how to wear your socks at the beginning…seams can cause blisters!). In other words, thinking can often get in the way of doing.

Similarly, the first key to getting outdoors is not to go shopping for gear, or to ask advice, or to look at a map.  The first key to getting outdoors is just to get out there!  I’m not suggesting that you go unprepared, not at all: always be prepared.  But don’t let striving for perfect preparedness lead to debilitating inactivity.  Go on some low-intensity trips to well-populated parks and it won’t be a big deal if you wear the wrong shoes, forget a first aid kit, can’t figure out the map, or run out of water.  This is how we learn to be prepared.  I guarantee you’ll learn more spending an hour wandering around your local trails than spending an hour reading blogs (yikes, Jon).

What’s a park near you that you’ve been meaning to visit?  Get out there!


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