Gilfillan Farm and Park

gilfillan trail

Cait and Michael at the trailhead

We finally went across the street to Giflfillan Park, a small park off of US 19 across from the mall near our neighborhood.  It’s a working farm and a historical site with a loop trail that goes around the perimeter.  The trail was supposed to be 1.25 miles long, but my MapMyHike measured 1.5 mi.

We saw lots of bunnies…Mikey got excited once we got him to look in the right place to see them hop away.  The loop takes you up about a 100-150 ft elevation gain so that on the back end of the loop you can look down on the field:

gilfillan field pretty

…and to your right, there’s a beautiful Target and if you really squint you might catch a glimpse of the Bonefish Grill.

gilfillan field ugly

That part was a little depressing, but we’re lucky to have anything like this at all so close to suburban madness.  Cait snapped this photo of me up on the hill and worked her photo editing magic…I’ve cropped it for the sidebar.

bootach gilfillan

It was a nice and short little hike, and we finished off the loop hiking alongside US 19 with this farm on our right:

gilfillan farm

Apparently it is maintained entirely by volunteers.  The two scarecrows are dressed as a “postman and postmistress.”

Great little excursion for a Saturday evening!


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