Strange Tid Bit

I hope to get to the longer posts soon…but just a quick thing I discovered. I’ve been investigating some of the wilderness areas in and around Las Vegas, since flights to Vegas are among the cheapest in the country. Might be a fun adventure sometime in the future.

In any case, in light of the recent news that documents about Area 51 have been declassified, I decided to do a little research. It looks like one of Nevada’s highest peaks, Bald Mountain, is located within the boundaries of the area, although off to the northeast edge.  See the Google map here.

So I did a little more research, and found this page among people who collect peaks, called peakbaggers, with the following description of this peak:

“This summit is located in the infamous “Area 51” section of Nellis Air Force base, a top secret military installation and former nuclear test site. Public access is strictly forbidden, and the perimeter is actively patrolled by guards. If you cross the military reservation boundary and try to “stealth” this peak, you will be caught, arrested, and fined, best case. The guards are authorized to use deadly force, and you can be sent to prison, too.

“This makes Bald Mountain the most prominent peak in the United States that is completely inacessible to peakbaggers.”

If you want to check out some pictures from other bloggers as well as some interesting experiences travelling around that part of the world, check out these two that came up from a Google Image search:

(disclaimer: I link to these pages for the sake of the pictures; the commentary is their own)


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