A Fresh Start, and Some Updates

I have been away for too long! Over the last several months I have bee very busy with professional obligations and have forgotten entirely about this blog. I had resolved not to let this happen, but alas. Things seem to have regularized at work for now, so I will return. Now for some updates:

(1) We have bought a treadmill so there is no excuse when the weather is bad. And we have had a rough winter so far here in Pittsburgh, so I’m glad we have that option. In the short term I would like to set weekly distance goals: weekly so that I have several days’ wiggle room and distance so that I don’t need to worry if I’m not in the mood to jog. For now I’m working on a half-marathon a week, but ideally I’d work up to a marathon each week, preferably outside but when necessary on this:

(2) As for a long term goal, I think I will try to hike the first stretch of the Appalachian Trail in GA over spring break next year, from Springer Mtn. to Unicoi Gap (at GA 17/75). Logistics will still be difficult with two children, but I want to try for it. Especially in March the first stretch of the AT will be very exciting, with several dozen thru-hikers starting each day. I would solo-hike with confidence since the trail will be very populated.

(3) I have recently updated my gear list. Except for the two most expensive and central items (pack and sleeping bag), I have a complete kit for most 3 season conditions in Eastern forests. My plan is to save up over the next year to buy the GoLite Jam 50, if nothing else.

OK, that’s enough for now. Let’s see what comes of this…I hope I can stick with it!


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