My name is Jonathan and I currently live in Washington DC with my wife Caitlyn and our three children. I am an assistant professor in the School of Philosophy at The Catholic University of America.

I participated in the Scouting program as a youth in North Carolina for 15 years, and so am greatly indebted to the Boy Scouts of America for my love of the outdoors. In the course of my time with the Scouts I participated in countless dayhikes and overnight trips, and some particularly notable trips detailed elsewhere on this site. I have volunteered with the scouts as an adult leader for several years. While a graduate student in Pittsburgh I served as an Assistant Scoutmaster and Commissioner. Since moving to the DC area I have served as the Troop Committee Chairman of Troop 224, sponsored by St Jerome Catholic Church in Hyattsville, MD.

My favorite outdoor activities are hiking/backpacking, biking, swimming, canoeing and kayaking. I have a hard time just “going camping” if one of these activities isn’t involved. Sitting around at camp doesn’t cut it. But on the flip side, I find doing these activities in the city apart from the so-called “Great Outdoors” (urban biking, pool swimming, etc) to be boring, as well. In either case the problem is the same: I need a goal.

I also love outdoor gear. After having many phone calls, email threads, and conversations discussing outdoor skills and resources, I figure I can consolidate whatever I have gathered here.


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